Super Sunday at Arkadia Alpacas

Four birthday celebration walks today at GGF 🤗🤗🤗

Baby Greenwing Macaw

I just asked Baby Bird what is 2 x 2 & I’m pretty sure his answer sounded like ‘four ‘ 😀

Walking with Alpacas

What a glorious day for a walk with the Arkadia Alpacas 😀😎😀

Doggy gossip

Maisy’s daily catch-up with the alpaca boys

Alpaca Craft Workshops



Baby Green-winged Macaws

The baby macaws are making their presence felt at feeding time 😀

Walking with Alpacas

What a beautiful sunny Friday for a walk in the countryside with the Arkadia Alpacas 😎

Samson Schwartz

Samson interviewing new Wwoofer Iskander…

Farewell to Yann & Camille

Wwoofers Yann & Camille bid a fond farewell to the alpacas today after nearly two months at Great Ground Farm. They’ll be sadly missed but have promised to come back for a holiday in the future…

Alpacas spreading love 😍

Prince, Pinnacle & Pagan had a lovely time today meeting the residents at the Leonard Cheshire Home in Banbury

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