Hand Spun Yarn

 We have hand spun yarn available in a variety of natural shades.

Alpaca Fibre

Alpaca fibre available for sale for hand spinners. Wide variety of natural colours in different qualities.

Any quantity available from 50g to 10kg or more!

Please call for details – come and have a look at what we’ve got available.

Drew  on 07831 550118) or Wayne  on 07738 696762




Cut lo2015-03-19 14.07.37gs are for sale all year round at Great Ground Farm. Sourced from our very own woodland copse.
We harvest a varied selection of trees including cherry, ash, willow at regular times throughout the year. This ensures a good supply of steady burning fuel for wood burning stoves, real open fires and outdoor barbecues.

Lumber is cut into approx 10″long logs, 4″ to 6″ diameter and also supply split trunk lumber in various sizes.

£85 x 1m3 trailer load of wood. Delivery is available with 10 mile radius for an extra £10.00. if you would like different quantity, please send an inquiry.

Alpaca manure

Low odor alpaca manure is available fromanure 2m our very own animals. We collect it up by machine 3 times a week and the empty
it into piles to let nature takes its course again.

Our manure is sold in plastic sacks, for £5.00, or you can come and collect and bag up some daily fresh stuff yourself for £3.00 a sack.

Although lower in organic matter than other traditional manures, alpaca manure has benefits in the garden. In fact, many gardeners find this type of manure to be an excellent source of nutrients for optimal soil and plant health.

manure image 1Since alpaca manure is mostly found in pellet form and doesn’t have the same components as other livestock feeders, like cows and horses, it does not need to be aged or composted before use. You can spread it directly onto garden plants without burning them. Best of all, it does not contain any weed seeds so there’s no worry about plucking sprouts from the garden following application, as with some types of manure.

When using alpaca fertilizer, you can put it on top of the garden soil and then water it or wait and let the rain help soak it in. For those in colder climates, you can also spread the manure over snow-filled garden beds and allow it to soak into the soil as the snow melts. Either way, alpaca manure breaks down rather quickly.

Whether you add alpaca manure directly to the garden, make manure tea, or use alpaca manure compost, your plants will thrive. In addition, the nearly odorless alpaca fertilizer may even help deter deer pests, as they find its aroma offensive.