Arkadia Reindeer

Titan, Aurora, Ariadne & Athena

Arkadia Reindeer live throughout the year in a secluded woodland enclosure. They have a restful and tranquil life throughout the year, ready for their brief working spell at Christmas time.

 Reindeer leaves

They will eagerly strip a branch of its leaves or munch on lichen  which is fed to them as a treat.

Interesting Reindeer facts:

  • Reindeer are the only type of deer in which both male and female reindeer have antlers. Female reindeer retain their antlers until they give birth to their young in the spring.
  • Keeping their antlers throughout the winter ensures they are able to compete for food while pregnant.
  • Male reindeer shed their antlers each winter.
  • Reindeer have a strong sense of smell, and it’s that sense of smell that assist them in finding the lichen under the snow.
  • Reindeer are strong, energyefficient running machines. A 20 pound new calf can outrun a man, and reindeer in general are more efficient than most other land mammals.
  • Their wide hooves help them dig through the snow for lichen.    
  • Humans have been interacting with reindeer for at least some 45,000 years and perhaps longer.
  •  Primitive humans relied heavily on Reindeer for their skins to keep them warm, meat to sustain them, and bones to creattools.


Inquisitive Titan, always first to come for food, loves posing for photographs at any time of the year, not just Christmas.

Born in  Finland, our reindeer are now fully acclimatised to the British climate, assisted by the fact that they live in woodland which provides natural shade and plenty of opportunity for foraging.



Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like our reindeer to make an appearance at your Christmas event – booking early avoids disappointment.

The three reindeer come with an undercover pen in which they will happily pose for photographs. We can also supply reindeer food for sale to the public.

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